i’m a cuckoo

you were dressed like a punk but you are too young to remember.

31 December
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to define is to limit.

&Do not forget me.

miss josephine
I am a contradiction, and an anachronism. I never say the right thing. I am painfully awkward. I am an amalgam of all the best (and sometimes worst) pieces of my parents. I find myself intensely uninteresting. I talk with my hands, and speak in long drawn out sentences that tend to trail off into the ether. I listen to songs on repeat for hours without tiring of them. I have strange, almost hallucinogenic dreams at night. I inherited my father's sometimes cruel, often sarcastic wit. I am infatuated with philosophy, mythology and symbolism. I look for meaning in the meaningless. I play on swingsets even though I am far too old for them.

&Do not trust me.

she is fond of,
the beat generation. folk music. experimental art. all kinds of literature. existentialism. profundity. other cultures. intelligent observations. feminism. independent film. big cups of tea. sun-dresses. playing dress-ups. inspirational messages. black humour. macabre themes. alphabetising objects. sparkling wine. satirical comedy. memoirs and biographies. biopics about people I've never heard of. intelligent conversation. moving protest songs. collecting books. birthdays. family traditions. literary-themed tattoos. over-sized eyeglasses. conspiracy theories. fictional violence. listening to sad music on rainy days. summer storms and sun-showers. big cities. video gaming.

&Do not love me.

she loathes,
ignorance and prejudice. christianity. propaganda. rude, inconsiderate people. improper spelling and grammar. my maternal grandparents. the meat industry. bad drivers. those who preach. self-righteousness. reality television. stupidity. hollywood. the media and its obsession with youth and beauty. commercial radio, film and television. cliff-hanger endings. music snobs. pitchfork media. indie hipster elitists. misogyny and sexism. shaving my legs. not knowing how to do something. being wrong. losing. teenage poets. people who think they have the ability to write but clearly do not. teenagers in general. homophobia. bigotry. fangirls and fanboys. stereotyping.


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