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i’m a cuckoo
you were dressed like a punk but you are too young to remember.
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17th-Jul-2010 04:50 pm - Writer's Block: Dream on
Do you usually remember your dreams at night? Do you analyze and/or record your dreams in your journal? Are there any recurring themes?

I usually remember one or two of them. I love the dreams I have, they are incredibly surreal and odd. I don't remember them as much as I used to for some reason, which upsets me. I don't record or analyse them but perhaps I should keep a note of them because some of them are highly entertaining. There are quite a few recurring themes, including but not limited to, public restrooms, amazing houses, fictional characters/celebrities, sex, my old high school, running, supermarkets, and cars.
18th-Feb-2009 01:02 am - Friends Only.

I almost always return friend adds, but if you don't comment once in a while you will be taken off my flist.
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